No Nap!


We had a busy morning.  Almost every Friday during the summer we get together with other teachers from my school.  The kids play, we chat.  Well. it isn’t always that easy but at least I get out of the house. We usually wrap it up just in time for the little ones to nap.  Well today we stayed a little longer.

As we were driving home I could see Briggs starting to get heavy lids.  I did all I could to keep him up. If he falls asleep in the car during nap time all hope is lost when we get home.  As we pulled into the driveway I took a glance in the rear view mirror.  He was still awake, barely.  Phew!  I carried him up to bed, shut the door, sent Cash out to swing, put Zain in bed and started to do a quick pick-up.

As I was putting the scissors away I came across a notebook.  I pulled out the book and started to thumb though it.   The first page that I stopped at was a “Summer Fun To-Do List”.

As soon as I started to read the list, Briggs came running into the kitchen.  I quickly picked him up and tried to unsuccessfully put him back to bed.  After he batted his long lashes at me, I decided to skip nap.  The decision to skip nap turned out not to be such a terrible idea.  I skimmed the list, spotted the words shaving cream, plopped Briggs in his seat, ran to get the can of shaving cream and camera and had the next 40 minutes to organize my “notebook” instead of cleaning up.

Here are a few snapshots….   


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