Girls’ Night Out


So last night a bunch of friends and I had a girls night out.  Okay, let’s be honest, it was a night in at someone house, but I did get “out” of my house for a few hours.  It was a much-needed night away and nice to have a break from dinner, baths, teeth, dishes, story and bed.  I love my husband.  He is a great dad. But I am sure he is like many….. cannot multi-task…. the dinner dishes were still in the sink, the table was sticky, the boys were asleep in their clothes… but they had a blast playing, bike riding and going to the park….

So like I was saying… It was just the girls.  We sat around the table, talked, ate, talked some more and had a few margaritas.  Then we took the “party” outside for some hula hooping.  Last week when we got together for our little play group, my friend Shawn told us about her great idea.  She thought we should start a hula hooping club after work.  She was on vacation this summer and she took a hula hoop class with her girls and the instructor told her 10 minutes a day and the muffin top (those last 5 pounds of baby weight I can’t seem to lose) would be gone …. GONE??  SOLD!

There we were, about 10 if us, in her back yard doing the hula hoop moves… Who knows what the neighbors thought!  It started out with simple hooping.  We all got the hang of it and before we knew it 10 minutes passed.  We learned a few arm moves and even tried to jump through the hoop.  What are your best hula hoop moves?

I hooped again today in my livingroom while the two little ones were napping.  Felt great.  I shouldn’t have left the hoop out when I was finished.  While I changing Zain after his nap I heard a few loud bangs… The hoop was making its way through the house… over the couch, through the kitchen, up the stairs and then back downstairs followed by a roar of laughter as the hoop tumbled down the stairs.  Luckily nothing broke and the kids were safe.  The hoop will stay outside from now on! has some great info on hooping and making hoops!


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