drip castles


I was at the lake this weekend with some of my favorites…my kiddos….

At first I just enjoyed listening to their laughter, watching their splashes and smelling their sunscreened skin when they would run up to give me rocks for their collections or dump water on my toes.

I just love Briggs' toes


We go to the lake often but this time was different.  Zain was sleeping in Papa’s arms so I jumped in the lake with the boys.  We swam with the noodles, played “motor boat”, Cash was the motor and Briggs was the sail, and then we made drip castles in the sand.

they could have done this for hours

Building “drip” sand castles with the boys brought back memories of being a child.  We use to go to Silver Lake every summer.  We would cook our meals on the fire, stay up super late cooking marshmallows and making up silly dances by the fire, take the boat to the dunes, build in the sand for hours, making “drip” castles was our favorite.  We would build them as tall as we could.  We would drape seaweed to decorate and use sticks as the flag poles.

I am so glad that I got to share those memories with my children and at the same time help them to make their own memories that they will someday share with others.

discovering shadows


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