Weekend Recap


I really enjoyed having a weekend plan.  Maybe I should have a daily plan… I might accomplish a LOT more.  🙂  Since a few of you asked how my weekend was I thought I would give you a little recap on how I did. My results are in italic.

Weekend Plan


  • Friday Fun with my teacher friends -done
  • pick up and vacuum main floor while kids nap –done
  • Shepard’s Pie for dinner –done
  • Music in the Park with the fam –Done and I did it with the three boys ALONE.  We actually had a blast.  At first Briggs wasn’t so sure about the loud music.  He had his ears covered for about the first 3 songs.  Zain showed his enthusiasm by spitting up all over me and the moby wrap!  Cash was trying to breakdance even though the music was as far from breakdancing music as possible.  At least he made others smile.


  • At least 2 loads of laundry (make sure clothes for Chicago are clean) pack clothing –I actually did 4 loads.  While I was at it I decided that I should wash all the sheets and towels too!
  • Farmers  Market – Nope, I was recovering from the night before.
  • Hula Hoop (trying out a new “exercise”-see my pervious blog) – Yes!  I love it. 
  • Asian Chicken Salad for dinner- Done- Come back tomorrow for my post and the salad recipe.


  • Pack the rest of the items needed for trip – Done
  • Pack the car – The car is packed and ready, but now we may have a delay as Joel is working on wrapping up one of his work projects.
  • Hula Hoop –Done but only about 5 minutes today.
  • Double check the list….

As I look back over this list it makes me smile because I got so much accomplished and at the same time I feel exhausted…

Good Night!


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  1. I’m impressed you did Music in the Park by yourself with all 3 boys — and survived! 🙂 Here’s to hoping you can squeeze in that trip to Chicago!

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