Sunday Already?


Well the weekend sure went by fast and I didn’t get nearly as much done as I secretly hoped I would. Having a kid free night was nice though.  I think my mom made out nicely as Zain has his best night EVER!  I told her that I would be sending him over for sleepovers more often!  🙂


  • Jenny’s wedding!!!-     done
  • Hair and make-up for the wedding-    done
  • WEDDING!-     done
  • All 3 boys are having a sleepover.  Cash with Aunt Courtney, Briggs with Nana and Grandpa Forest and Zain with Grandma and Papa.  Aren’t we lucky?  Who do you think will sleep in the latest?? I think I know who! –     Although I am the one who did sleep in the latest, I had to get up twice during the night because my body thought that Zain was here and would want to eat.  Even though Zain is my third breastfeed child, I continue to be amazed by how much milk my body produces.  In the 20 hours that I was away from him, I was able to pump and freeze 40 oz of breast milk (he only ate about 20).  Building up my frozen supply is almost turning into a game for me. 🙂
  • Joel did a load of laundry.  I found it in the washer today.  I had to re-wash it.  Thanks for trying to help babe! 

Not much time for stuff around the house today!


  • Milford Memories with mom and Court and the kiddos… not sure how long we will last there… –This was attempted.  The boys were perfect but the weather was not so good.  As soon as the pooring rain started we headed home.  I love my Moby wrap but I haven’t used it in a few weeks because I felt like Zain was too big.  I found a new way to wrap him up (kangaroo hold) and I carried him the whole time and he LOVED it.
  • Wedding shower for Britt- beautiful!
  • Laundry- 2 loads is my goal!  🙂 – I guess I failed to do this since the laundry Joel put in on Friday was still in there Sunday.  I did vacuum though!


  • Meal plan for the week and the grocery shop.  We don’t have milk, coffee or juice in the house so this is a MUST!  Meal planning is done but the meals are VERY basic.  Joel did the shopping so that was a big help.

Meals this week-

  • Meatloaf, potatoes, green beans
  • Island tilapia, asparagus, rice
  • Crispy Chicken, scalloped potatoes, asparagus
  • Tacos/Nachos

  • Maybe clean but I honestly think that relaxing will beat it out. –Not much cleaning.  I did hula hoop today though.  It sure makes me feel like I got some sort of workout in!

All of the boys were in bed and asleep by 8:30!  Yippie!!! 

Here is a peek of the cuties sleeping tonight!

Cash with his "chew" blanket and a book. I am suprised he even made it to the end. He was SO tired.


Briggs always manages to sneak a toy into bed with him. He needs his "other" blanket to sleep.


Zain sleeping soundly. Yes, I know he shouldn't be sleeping on his tummy! 🙂


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