lots on my mind….. busy, crazy, stressful past two weeks ….  lots to write about but at a loss for good any words…. this has slowly been added onto over the past two weeks so it is a little choppy.

here is the jist…

Mono is the pits.  Two weeks and starting to feel better.  Ugh! I have been prisoner to the house and bed.

Zain is 3 months. He is my chunky monkey.

He smiles and talks. He discovered his toes during our mini photos shoot. He couldn’t reach them though. Too many rolls in the way.

I couldn’t get him to cry (I thought it would be good to have a trend month-to-month).

We went to one of those hotels with the big water parks in them (forever ago).   I don’t have a single picture to prove that we actually went somewhere, but we did.  The lazy river was the biggest hit.  Briggs just rode on my back around and around and Cash was swimming underwater trying to grab our legs.  🙂 Fun times had by all and the boys slept the whole way home.

Touch-A-Truck was a hit.  The boys loved climbing all over the trucks, bus, ambulance, diggers and honking the horns and touching all of the controls. In some of them there were more buttons than Briggs could handle.  Cash scared us all when he honked the horn on the 18 wheeler. Hung out with friends and their kids.   Good times had by all… (I have more pictures but I will have to add them later.  I thought I uploaded one of each kid but my eyes failed me.)

Getting ready to go back to work. I love the first day of school. (I am totally bummed that I missed the first day of school because of the mono.)  I love all of them but the first one still gives me butterflies, the kind of jitters that I got when I was a kid.  I’ve been working in classroom-it is pretty much set up. I just need to go back to organize the library. Bought folders-super pumped that I got them for 1 cent each.  They even let me buy 90. I love Staples. Tonight it is making labels and getting folders ready. Rereading Debbie Miller, Seven Keys and reading a new one-a fluency book. Didn’t get to this yet.

I found a really cool craft on pinterest and I want to attempt it this week. It isn’t my idea but I thought it was neat.  I will be sure to take pics.  I am keeping it a secret until then. (Here it is).

Back to bed…. I hope to be back soon!


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