You Asked for It!


This one is for my sister.  Every time I talk to my sister these days she tell me that I need to blog.  She tells me that she wants something to read. I wonder if she enjoys reading about barf and bed-wetting.  So here it is Courtney, let me know how you enjoy it!  🙂

Until about 15 minutes ago, I was sleeping peacefully. And yes, I do know it is Saturday night and I am okay with the fact that I was sound asleep before 10:00. I was dreaming about something great. Not sure what it is now, but I know it was great. There were vibrant colors and birds chirping.  Suddenly, (we just had a writing mini-lesson in class about how we can grab our readers attention with this word, so I thought I would try it) I heard screaming.  Ugh!  Who is cry? Why are they crying? Is this a night terror? How long will it last?

The cries were coming from Briggs.  As I sat on the edge of the bed to comfort him I was immediately greeted by a stream of projectile vomit. Yes! Straight from the mouth, missing him and his blanket, Other, all over me. I grabbed Other because if Other had to go in the washing machine, I would have a whole nother problem.  Other was safe, towels were being grabbed, wipes were in hand and another stream of projectile goes up into the air and back onto Briggs. All over the face and body and in the hair.

To spare you anymore boring details, Briggs is now sleeping in a “nest” on the floor, the sheets are in the washing machine (the same sheets that ended up in the machine last night from a middle of the night bed wetting) and I am writing a blog instead of sleeping.

Gotta go, Zain is crying…


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  1. Haha I’m not sorry – at least it gave her something to write about. So sad master Briggs has a bug tho. Feel better Briggys. Next entry – creating Halloween costumes!

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