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hands on the clock


The house is quiet.  It is actually almost scary quiet. Joel had to go up to the office to load his van for his music video shoot tomorrow, Cash is having a sleepover at Grandma and Papas and Briggs and Zain are sound asleep.  I keep hearing those creeeeeeks and soft bangs and jump out of bed to make sure everyone is ok.  Once I crawl back into bed I open this back up and attempt to write. It isn’t going so well.

I wanted to post something tonight but I found that the hands of the clock were just ticking away. I have spent the last 3 hours reading other blogs, eating raw cookie dough, checking on the kids after hearing a creak, crying, snuggling with Briggs, laughing, doing anything but posing on my page.

One of the blogs that I read tonight made me think twice about checking the next item off my “to do” list.  As I read about the birth of her second daughter who was born with Down Syndrome I realized again just how amazing the gift/life of a baby is.  Her daughter is a beautiful and perfectly amazing little girl and she is the kind of mom that any mom would hope to be.  Her daughter is so lucky to have her and she is so lucky to have her daughter.

After reading her blog a second time I decided that tonight was not the time to add a post from my “idea list” but it was a time to pick Zain up out of his crib, hold him, rock him, give him kisses, feel his soft breath and remember that I am so lucky to have another amazily perfect little boy.

The hands on the clock keep moving….